Our wide offer of services includes printing on a variety of materials - paper, self-adhesive films, plastics (e.g. PVC, plexiglass) - and with a variety of techniques - screen printing, offset, inkjet, ScotchPrint(3M).

We specialize in printing of self-adhesive materials, producing graphics, markings, labels and above all - stickers - a popular form of advertising, used all over the world by small companies as well as the large ones.

Placed at the sale points the stickers inform about the possibility of purchase of certain goods, and if given out to the customers, stickers play a role of a gadget. Simply speaking - they are the ideal and necesarry element of advertising campaigns.

We offer production of stickers in an almost unlimited range of formats, shapes and colours (printed in PANTONE, RAL or CMYK systems).

The materials that we use in production guarantee the quality - self-adhesives by 3M, MacTac, JAC, Avery and inks by Sericol.