OMNIDRUK is also a manufacturer and vendor of beermats and other advertising coasters in almost unlimited range of formats, shapes, colours and materials, as well as volumes - from 1000 to a few million pieces.

Depending on the volume and design, coasters are produced by offset, screenprinting or typo (in the case of low volumes and simple designs).

Most popular coaster material is a paper board 1,45mm thick, but thicker boards are possible (up to 3mm if the coaster is to be very durable).

Coasters can be used not only as beermats, but also as:

* mats for coffee cups, as well as small shot glasses
* large mats or trays for restaurant or bar tables
* postcards
* lottery coupons (with rub-off paint)
* advertising clocks (a coaster is great for a clock face)
* puzzles (one coasters breaks into small puzzle pieces, or many single coasters form one big puzzle)
* games (a coaster is perfect for small board games)

Coasters can also be printed with fluorescent inks that shine brightly in UV light - perfect for advertising in discos and bars.

We can also offer very elegant coasters for special, premium-sector promotions - they can have hot foil embossing or holographic foil finish.

We also offer production of elegant special tissues and napkins for use under coffee or tea cups, as well as for beer cups (put on the leg of the cup).